Portable CD System with active subwoofer - including two super woofers for powerful bass response, iPod® / iPhone® dock,
Bluetooth®, USB and mix recording with Muitar/Mic input.

Feel the bass in your soul!


Incredible bass sound with twin super woofers

No other boombox comes close to the overpowering, dynamic bass of the JVC BoomBlaster. The twin 13cm active super woofers on either end of the unit are symmetrically driven back to back for minimum chassis vibration. The robustly built, tube-shaped cabinet means tough-sounding bass and less resonance. There's even a dedicated super woofer control knob for you to set the bass to the level you like.
The RV-NB90 includes new CD anti-skip technology. The music will keep on playing regardless of little bumps and jumps - so you can keep on performing.
Hip-hop, house, techno, or rock fans, if you like cranking up the bass to feel the music, then this is the unit for you. Express your true self with the JVC BoomBlaster.

Guitar/Mic input and distortion effects

Just hook up a guitar or microphone to the JVC BoomBlaster for a powerful 40W amp. The RV-NB90 also includes a fabulous 8-step distortion function. There's no need for a separate effects unit because simply plugging in your guitar provides serious amplification and fabulous distortion effects. Unleash your inner rocker and let rip.
Play along with any music source you want - CD, iPhone®, Bluetooth®, tuner and more - and feel like you're part of the band. Thanks to the metronome function, the JVC BoomBlaster is also perfect for plain-vanilla guitar or dance practice.

Wireless control via Bluetooth® technology - now for Android™

Say goodbye to annoying wires. Now you can use your iPhone® or Android™ phone to control your music wirelessly. Remote control makes practicing guitar riffs, vocals or dance steps a whole lot easier.The BoomBlaster's powerful sound system totally transforms the music you're used to hearing in your headphones. Open yourself up to an incredible new sound experience. And let wireless control set you free - free to express yourself.

Mixable recording to USB memory

Mixable recording to USB memoryWant to record your favorite CD to USB? That's easy.Want to record yourself playing guitar or singing vocals with your favorite band? That's no problem either. The RV-NB90 takes care of everything. It instinctively knows the right balance to mix your guitar or vocals with a backing track from another sound source (CD, DAB+/FM tuner or a device connected via audio input) and records the resulting mix to USB memory.
Mixed recording is the perfect way for you to check up on your performance or create your all-important demo. The BoomBlaster isn't just about superior sound quality and mega-powerful bass. It's about the fun you can have expressing yourself through music.

To make a mixed recording, default setting must be switched from digital to analog recording.

A fantastic variety of sources

BoomBlaster isn't just compatible with CD, iPod® and iPhone®. It works with a range of other sound sources - USB memory, tuner and (for the RV-NB90 and NB70) Guitar/Mic and audio inputs - to widen the choice of music you can enjoy. Watching videos is easy too. Use your iPhone® to record your dance moves then just plug a monitor into the video output to check your form. You can also play or sing along with music videos and movies.
With Bluetooth® technology, DAB+/FM tuner and a metronome, the new RV-NB90 offers a broader range of uses than ever. It's ideal for dance or guitar practice. More sources means more options to practice your skills. And more ways for you to express yourself through music.


· Dock for iPod(R) /iPhone(R) with Twist Auto Lock Doo
· USB Host
· Twin Super Woofers with Level Control
· Mic/Guitar Input with Level Control
· 4-Amp Configuration
· Remote Control
· Shoulder Belt
· Works with Batteries
· 40W Total Power
· Plays CD, CD-R/RW, USB (MP3/WMA)
· FM Tuner with 30 Presets
· 8cm Full-Range Speakers and 13cm Super Woofer
· MP3/WMA Playback

Product photos available on request
Contact: Sabine Pannik, General Manager Marketing
Subject to technical changes and updates.